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What We Do

HighLine Technology develops and commercializes highly efficient dispensing technology to benefit future relevant production industries with  resource saving innovation. In close collaboration with Fraunhofer ISE and access to the PV-TEC Laboratory, our main focus is to reduce material consumption in the PV-industry and thus further increase its competitiveness and sustainability. However, we also develop dispensing solutions for further production industries. Our engineers cover the whole package from construction, integration to process application.

Products and Services

Fine line dispensing solutions
Complete system design and setup
Development of future applications 
Print head – product features:

  • CFD optimized interior design with central paste supply
  • Intermittent parallel operation of up to 200 nozzles
  • Flexible arrangement of nozzle position and number of nozzles
  • Minimum nozzle diameter D = 20 µm
  • High speed dispensing (up to 800 mm/s)

Benefits and PV application:

  • Commercial available (screen) printing pastes
  • Low finger width, high aspect ratio
    • Efficiency gain: Δη/η ~ +1%rel.
  • Homogeneous contact shape
    • -20% Ag consumption
  • Significant throughput potential


Core Competences

  • More than 12 years of experience with printing technology and PV applications at Fraunhofer ISE
  • A team of experienced mechanical engineers specialized in design, construction and application from micro to macro scale including mechatronics and system design
  • Scientific background in Fluid Dynamics and Paste Rheology and PV Metallization
  • Dedicated and talented young graduate engineers
  • Close collaboration with excellent scientists at Fraunhofer IS



Established in the year 2019 as spin-off from Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, HighLine Technology GmbH aims on commercialization of the parallel dispensing technology.

Dispensing for Si-solar cell metallization was started at the institute in 2010. The later founders of HighLine scaled up the dispensing print head and developed substantial know-how on printing pastes and production processes. As the potential of the dispensing technology for the metallization of Si-solar cells became immanent, the team applied for EXIST-Forschungstransfer of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and pushed the technology towards industrial maturity. In course of the funding program and in cooperation with our investors, HighLine Technology was founded in order to develop and commercialize high-tech dispensing solutions for different production industries.


Our Vision

HighLine Technology is a collaborative space for dedicated engineers with the aim to develop production solutions for future relevant industries like photovoltaics. Our innovations shall support the path towards more efficient and sustainable production industries within a world supplied by renewable energies.


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Your Contact Persons

Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Pospischil (Chairman/Co-Founder)

Dr.–Ing. Maximilian Pospischil
(Chairman, Co-Founder)

Before: Fraunhofer ISE – Head of Team Dispensing Technology
PhD: Dispensing Technology / Paste Rheology /
PV Metallization
Diploma: Mechanical Engineering and Management (TUM)

Marian Breitenbücher

Marian Breitenbücher (Chairman, Co-Founder)

Before: Fraunhofer ISE – Business Development Dispensing Technology

Master: Sustainable
Resource Management (TUM)

Bachelor: Management and Economics

Martin Kuchler

Martin Kuchler

Before: Fraunhofer ISE – Product Engineering / Expert Dispensing Technology

Master: Microsystems Engineering

Bachelor: Mechanical Engineering

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